Full view of the MLT-7 without the weights.  It has a seconds pendulum with a crescent moon shape bob.  Running time is thirty hours with a fifty-four inch weight drop.  Time is set by turning the minute hand.  The hour hand will follow.  Preferred method of setting the time is by turning the intermediate wheel located at the bottom of the dial train counter clockwise.  

Material used for building this timepiece is russian baltic birch.  It is available at most lumber stores and hobby shops.  The plans do provide a source where the wood may be purchased.  I buy eighth inch material and laminate it to the desired thickness.  All the arbors (axles) are made from eighth inch brass rod.  Preferred material is eighth inch drill rod although the brass rod is easier to work with.

Plans to build the timepiece are full size for all the components except for the pendulum rod.  A measurement for the length of the rod is provided.  Each drawing is sprayed on the backside with an adhesive and pressed onto the wood.  The pattern is then sawed out with a scroll saw.

All plans are provided on paper.  No plans will be available on CD or by electronic transfer.